How to design and make parkour pants for women?

Parkour is one of the most popular and adventurous sports. Fitness and strength are the two most important requirements of this sport. You must have seen the videos of different boys performing parkour in the streets and they do it very well. Girls are also showing their skills in this sport and they are also trying to beat others and win the race.

Parkour pants are a little bit different as compared to the traditional pants as you need flexibility so that you can freely make your moves. There are some beginners who try to perform the stunts in their own style and most of the times they fail. Just because they do not prefer following the experts properly. It’s not only all about the stunts but your dress and snickers are also extremely important.

You need to choose everything according to the requirement otherwise, you’ll get yourself into great trouble. Everyone has seen a lot of successful parkour experts but have you ever seen the failures? There are only a few who become successful in achieving their goal while there is a huge amount of players who fail and get themselves severely injured.

Today, we are going to talk about the pants that girls need to wear when they’re performing the stunts.

Loose style

Girls always want to look sexy and hot even when they’re performing the stunts but there are some sports where you need to sacrifice your desires sometimes.

Parkour is also one of those sports. You need to wear the loose pants so that you can easily move your body parts without any disturbance. You can even wear the slim fit trousers but in some cases, they won’t work perfectly.

That’s why we recommend that you should only use the loose style pants so that you may not face any trouble.

Stretchable material

The material you’re going to use for making your trousers should be stretchable because you’re going to stretch and bend your legs several. If the material isn’t stretchable, then you may face some trouble when bending or stretching your legs.


Flexibility is another important factor that you must care for when designing the parkour pants for women. The more flexible the pants are the more comfortable the player would be. Comfort is extremely important for this sport because it helps the player put his mind at ease and the player easily performs all the stunts.

Cutting the cloth and stitching

When it comes to cutting the cloth, you must keep in mind that the width should be 2 inches large and the length should be 4 inches short than the actual pants because it will help you stitch the loose and flexible pants. The stretchable material will make it easier for you to stitch comfortable pants.