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Fall in Love with Rue 114 - We sure did! by @plushboutiquega

Posted on August 17, 2012

It's rare to come across a designer that grasps the concept that ALL women regarding of size want to feel and look sexy and glamorous.  In the spirit of the Olympic games that just wrapped up in London; Serwah Asante, the Creative Director and Founder of Rue 114 scores a perfect 10. 

Pieces from RUE 114 will be arriving on 9/15 pre-ordering available soon.  Available is sizes 4 - 24. 

About Rue 114:

  "Great style should be available in all sizes 
      because fabulous, fierce, kick-ass women come in all sizes!"
(How cool is that motto?) 

Rue 114 is inspired by and created for women who believe that every shape and size should be celebrated as beautiful. This season, Rue 114 is proud to present its Intro 2012 Capsule Collection, “Et Dieu Créa La Femme” (And God Created Woman). The collection is an homage to and celebration of the female form at all its sizes. Beauty is too mysterious, too coy, too “Saturday night” to be confined to a size 6. The Rue 114 design aesthetic is deeply informed by what it means to be a modern woman of the world, and as such, the inspiration for each collection is limitless. This season, bold African prints in sexy and feminine silhouettes serve as the palette for the Rue 114 introductory collection.

Meet the Beautiful Genius behind the brand:

Serwah Asante

Serwah Asante is the Creative Director and Founder of Rue 114

Serwah Asante is the Creative Director and Founder of Rue 114. Style has informed her existence since before her birth. Hailing from two of the most suave looking parents this side of the Atlantic, one could say that style and fashion were ingrained in her genetic makeup. After graduating from Dartmouth College with a BA in Sociology, Serwah continued her studies at the Fashion Institute of Technology, NY. In November of 2010, Serwah launched Rue 114 as a platform upon which to celebrate beauty and style at all sizes. Inspiration for the Rue 114 brand is deeply informed by the designer’s Ghanaian roots, New York City upbringing, and eternal love of travel. Each collection is born of the global perspective and responds to the call of what today's woman; whether in Laos, Lagos, or Los Angeles; needs to be edgy, unique, powerful, and always feminine. 

Bio courtesy of RUE 114

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